STUDY: Low-income students in households making less than $28K annually now a majority in the nation’s public schools

Low-income students — those living in a single-parent household earning less than $28,000 a year — are now a majority of the schoolchildren attending the nation’s public schools, according to ...

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UFW takes on payday loan business in 2015 ‘State of the Dream’ report; says costs $3K per family per year

[Payday loan businesses] are literally taking money from people that cannot afford to pay it. That is more money than the U.S. government spends on all food-based assistance programs annually.” ...

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BOOK: The “myth” of shareholder primacy stands at the brink of intellectual failure, Stout writes

Book author Lynn Stout produced The Shareholder Myth in 2012 to challenge the advancement of “shareholder value” as the exclusive guiding principle of corporations. Stout, a Cornell Law School professor, debunks ...

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Chicago study finds teens given jobs are dramatically less involved in violent crime

The city of Chicago took a unique route in combating crime: by giving jobs to students in high-crime, low-income neighborhoods. The result: 43% fewer violent-crime arrests. A study on the ...

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CalPERS pension fund includes public interest as central to investing decisions

The changing relationship between corporations and society is at play in the evolving investing strategies of pension funds. Rather than electing to exclusively pursue the strongest possible financial returns, some ...

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GWO gathering builds knowledge, support for “fourth sector” businesses combining profit, social benefits; sector seen as growing at twice rate of profit-only entities

CONFERENCE NOTES:  PART ONE / PART TWO / PART THREE / BACKGROUND WASHINGTON, D.C. — Some 200 scholars, public officials, researchers, funders and practitioners — supported by the Federal Reserve ...

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Yvon Chouinard leads by example as Patagonia joins B-corp movement

Outdoor apparel maker Patagonia is cited as a poster child for the new wave of “B-Corporations” that elevates “sustainable” business practices as of equal importance with profits.  Does such a ...

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Elizabeth Murdoch: Money not the only “effective measure of all things” or free market “only sorting mechanism”

“As an industry — and indeed as a global society — we have become trapped in our own rhetoric. We need to learn how to be comfortable with articulating purpose and ...

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