The Burden of Student Loans

The problem of growing student-loan debt has surfaced as one of the major issues facing our country, because they are creating a class of Americans — some of them now ...

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BOOKS/VIDEO: “How on Earth?” Post Growth Institute co-founder Donnie Maclurcan believes we can flourish by 2050 in a nonprofit world measured by new forms of growth

Watch a short VIDEO of Donnie Maclurcan, or a longer (52-minute)  version of his arguments: “What If? Thriving Beyond Economic Growth.”  Will not-for-profit organizations be the heart of the global ...

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BOOKS: Jennifer Silva proves academic expertise on income inequality with “Coming Up Short”

While earning her Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Virginia, Harvard University postdoctoral fellow Jennifer Silver began studying the impact of economic inequality on young adults. In her 2013 book ...

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BOOKS: Robert Monk’s “Citizens Dis-United” — an articulate argument for change from a one-time Wall Street insider

From his perch on the coast of Maine, an octogenerian steeped in the ways of Wall Street investing and governance is fighting a battle for change.  In his book, Citizens DisUnited: ...

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Cylvia Hayes

In Oregon, did “first lady” Cylvia Hayes stick her neck out too far on poverty, health and genuine progress — or consulting?

At the heart of the 2015 gubernatorial political upheaval in Oregon is an underlying question:  When a close friend of a public official is being paid by third parties to advocate ...

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NEWS: Boston Globe profiles Ceres marking 25 years pushing corporate environmental sustainability practices

The Boston Globe profiled the 501(c)3 nonprofit Ceres, founded in 1989 as the Coalition for Enviromentally Responsible Economies (CERES), and now with a $10.7-million budget and with a goal of ...

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