Markey, Warren asked by eight groups to support Rules Change agenda items on money in politics and “Citizens United” rollback

READ STATEMENT SIGN PETITION Nine Massachusetts advocacy groups, including three co-convenors of the May Rules Change Summit at UMass Amherst, have penned a letter to the state’s two United States ...

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TEXT: Cylvia Hayes’ June 7, 2014 keynote talk to CommonBound conference in Boston: A personal summary of progress

“So one of the things we’re doing in Oregon is we’re developing a genuine progress indicator. This is a metric that quantifies fiscal capital just like GDP, but also quantifies ...

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Bill Baue and Robin Wood: Moving the goal from sustaining to thriving with ‘open’ measurement

Sustain or thrive? Limits or possibilities? Bill Baue (CONTACT) and Robin Wood (CONTACT) are on a mission to change the discussion about the future of humanity and our planet, and about ...

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Mainstream media’s carrying of AP story showing most Americans face periodic economic struggle elevates debate

Newspapers across American who take The Associated Press are carrying an AP story based on census data and interviews with poverty-research experts by the ubiquitous wire service. “Four out of ...

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Gar Alperovitz notes growing mainstream interest in serious proposals for changing how capitalism works

In a post on his blog, Economist Gar Alperovitz describes his surprise at the growing amount of mainstream interest in changing how capitalism works. He describes it in the context ...

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VIDEO: “Shift Change” documentary portrays growing world of employee-owned firms

Shift Change: Putting Democracy to Work (2012) is an entertaining look inside the burgeoning co-operative movement. In this documentary, Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young portray the growing world of employee-owned firms. Shift ...

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Chicago study finds teens given jobs are dramatically less involved in violent crime

The city of Chicago took a unique route in combating crime: by giving jobs to students in high-crime, low-income neighborhoods. The result: 43% fewer violent-crime arrests. A study on the ...

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Wealth in America — the 12-million view video

In November, 2012, an anonymous videographer with the YouTube account name “politizane,” posted a remarkable six-minute video visualizing with charts a set of data about income and inequality in America. ...

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