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Aspen, Brookings, Drucker working behind-the-scenes to push executives to reinvent American-style capitalism

In boardrooms and think tanks, private efforts are brewing – largely behind-the-scenes at this point — to bring America’s corporate leaders to the realization that they must help reinvent American ...

Drucker Institute mulls starting “long-termism movement; seeks guidance on whether to participate in forum on topic

A common view of economic theorists and political activists is that public companies respond to pressure for ever-rising quarterly earnings with management decisions that underweight the corporation’s impact on long-term ...

Can “The Age of Empathy” help us achieve rules change?

British-based philosopher and sociologist Roman Krznaric advises Oxfam and the United Nations on the nature of “empathy,” and in a blog-essay “Six Habits of Highly Empathetic People” he provides some ...

Politically independent college students favor structural reforms to reduce partisanship, N.C. poll finds

If the opinions of a sample of U.S. college students are to be trusted, American politics will need to become decidedly less partisan in the decades ahead.   That’s according to ...

RC-DC will feature responsible ‘hackathon’ to gather corporate social and environmental performance data

A new effort to make open — and free to the public — environmental, social and governance records of U.S. and global corporations will launch at Rules Change-The DC Gathering. ...

We can change the rules of the economy, Robert Reich says in documentary “Inequality for All”

“Inequality for All, ” a 90-minute  documentary featuring former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, is framed within a lecture hall at the University of California Berkeley. Here we see Reich lecturing ...

Story of Solutions

Annie Leonard using “rules change” framing

Annie Leonard, originator of the “Story of Stuff” series of policy videos, is using the “change the rules of the game” frame to describe her latest work. “Just like a ...

Rules Change Provenance

What is the Rules Change Project?

The Rules Change Project is an initiative to support action ideas for capitalism and the common good. America is not working for all of us. The Rules Change Project is an ...

International Social Work and Social Development in Tunisia (Essay Sample)

Procedure of the Social Work Traditional and Cultural Practices of Jewish Community in Tunisia The main practices that are common among all the members of the community relate to the ...


7 months ago

Rules Change Project

Robert Reich
The largest block of voters in America isn't Democrats or Republicans. It's the people who don't vote. Our latest video with voting rights expert Heather McGhee looks at what we could achieve if everyone voted. Your thoughts?
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8 months ago

Rules Change Project

Watch live on March 15 as America’s leading historians Joseph J. Ellis and Jon Meacham join Issue One's ReFormers Caucus and others for an important discussion about how to restore the Founders’ vision for American democracy in our own time: ... See MoreSee Less

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