International Social Work and Social Development in Tunisia (Essay Sample)

Procedure of the Social Work

Traditional and Cultural Practices of Jewish Community in Tunisia

The main practices that are common among all the members of the community relate to the religious practices that they have. A devout is expected to pray three times during the day, which is in the morning, afternoon and the evening. The community is not expected to work on the day of worship which is referred as the Sabbath day. This is a day that is set aside only for the members of the community to worship.

The community has different festivities during the year. A festive like the Succoth happens where all the members of the community are able to eat their meals in small huts. They also have a festive that occurs during the final day of the Succoth. Most of the festivities are in relation to those that are in their own religious books of worship.
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The calendar that the community uses is the lunar calendar. This different to the solar calendar that is used by most of the world. The calendar is what sets out the different festivities that the community is able to celebrate throughout the different times of the year. From the information that is derived from the calendar, the Jewish community is not allowed to work on most of the festivities during the year. There are also days during the year that the community is able to observe fasting which is in relation to the requirements of the religious books.

The leaders that the community have are ordained spiritual leaders that are the relation to the community requirements. The leaders are supposed to lead in prayer meetings in important functions within the community. In case a person in the community is close to death, they are allowed to make confessions of the sins that they may have committed. This ensures that in the case of their death their sins are forgiven.

Data analysis

Data analysis of this study was based on the interactions the group was able to have with the members of the community. The group had to review the information they had obtained and related to their own outside experiences. This means that all the data was analyzed based on the questions that the group asked and also based on the day to day contact with the members of this community. The group had to construct a framework of their findings and make comparisons to their own notions that they may have had to the community before the study began. The response collected had to be written down for any possible analysis in relation to the problems the community faced and solutions needed.

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