Who’s participated in the Rules Change process?


Here are some of the participants to date in the Rules Change  process.

This list was as of Jan. 23, 2014. 

  1. Tom Barefoot, director/founder, Gross National Happiness USA, Waitsfield, Vt.
  2. Bill Baue, corporate sustainability architect, Amherst, Mass.
  3. Andrew Bellak, StakeHolders Capital, Amherst, Mass.
  4. Eleanor Bloxham, author, “Economic Value Management,” founder, The Value Alliance and Corporate Governance Alliance, Westerville, Ohio
  5. John Bonifaz, co-founder, Free Speech for People, Amherst, Mass.
  6. James Boyce, director, Program on Development, Peacebuilding, and the Environment, Political Economy Research Institute, UMass-Amherst
  7. John Boyer, co-founder, Media Stewards Project, Annandale, VA
  8. Deborah Cary, wildlife sanctuary director, Princeton, Mass.
  9. Tina Clarke, facilitator/consultant, Turners Falls, Mass.
  10. Chuck Collins, director, Program on Wealth and Inequality, Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, D.C.
  11. Bill Densmore, principal convenor, Rules Change Project, Williamstown MA
  12. Betsy Densmore, president, Academies for Social Entrepreneurship, Newport Beach, Calif.
  13. Dan Froomkin, founder, Center for Accountability Journalism / columnist, HuffingtonPost
  14. Laura Gang, organizer, MoveToAmend.org, Roslindale, Mass.
  15. Rob Garrity, founder, Finio Solar Powers, Ithaca, N.Y.
  16. Jeannine Guttman,, social-media consultant, Boss Media & Communications LLC, former editor, Portland [Me.] Press Herald, Alexandria, Va.
  17. David Cay Johnston,, president Investigative Reporters & Editors, Syracuse, N.Y.
  18. Steve Klein, journalism professor emeritus, George Mason Univ., Fairfax, Va.
  19. Celinda Lake, Lake Research Partners, Washington, D.C.
  20. Beth Lawton, RC-DC conference manager and principal Canoe Media Services LLC, Alexandria, Va.
  21. Terry Mollner, chairman, Stakeholders Capital / The Trusteeship Institute, Amherst, Mass.,]
  22. Robert A.G. Monks, author, corporate governance activist, Portland, Maine (VIA SKYPE)*
  23. Marcy Murninghan,, founder/editor, Murninghan Post, Watertown, Mass. (corporate governance)
  24. Christopher Norton, founder/CEO, The Big Idea, Santa Barbara, Calif.
  25. Todd O’Boyle, program director, Media & Democracy, Common Cause, Washington, D.C.
  26. Miguel Padro, project director, Aspen Institute Business & Society Program, New York NY
  27. Rachel Plattus outreach director, New Economy Coalition, Boston
  28. Katherine Policy, Founder, Paolucci Institute, Shelburne Falls, MA
  29. Steven Pearlstein, Washington Post columnist and Geo. Mason Univ. Robinson Professor
  30. Karen Ribeiro, consultant, Inner Fortune, Amherst, MA (blog)
  31. Mark J. Rozell, acting dean, School of Public Policy, George Mason University, Arlington, Va.
  32. Josh Silver, executive director, UnitedRepublic.org, Northampton, Mass.
  33. Stephen Snyder, Public Banking Working Group, Roxbury, Mass.
  34. Hedrick Smith, executive producer, Hedrick Smith Productions, Washington, DC
  35. Lynn Stout, author, “The Shareholder Value Myth” / Cornell Law School, Ithaca, N.Y.
  36. Joanne Sunshower, social-change agent and trainer, Class Action, Shutesbury, Mass.
  37. Jennifer Taub, assoc. professor, Vermont Law School, South Royalton, Vt.


  1. U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., Worcester *
  2. U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. * (via a pre-taped video talk)
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