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What is a Rules Change giraffe?

giraffeIf you talk to the people in Washington, D.C., who are in a position to make or change policy, they’ll tell you don’t look to them for initiative. They’ll say create public pressure on an issue and make that pressure visible. Beyond a larger vision, the Rules Change Project seeks to make change in cities, towns states and regions more visible to Washington. One way to do that is to find examples of people and institutions who are sticking their necks out — above the crowd — to create change in the way we regulation, manage or do business with corporations.  And change in the way corporations treat all their stakeholders — employees, customers, communities and the environnment — not merely stockholders.

So we’re looking for giraffes. Have you seen one? Tell us about them by going to our Resources page and filling out the “Submit a Resource” form. We’ll need contact information for you and, hopefully, for your giraffe siting. We’ll try to confirm your siting — and perhaps write about it!  Track our sitings using the map below. Gradually, you’ll see pins showing up to represent the locations of “giraffes” as well as other individuals and institutions sticking their necks out to make American capitalism work better for all of us.

[google_maps id=”968″]

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