BOOK: The “myth” of shareholder primacy stands at the brink of intellectual failure, Stout writes

Book author Lynn Stout produced The Shareholder Myth in 2012 to challenge the advancement of “shareholder value” as the exclusive guiding principle of corporations. Stout, a Cornell Law School professor, debunks ...

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GWO gathering builds knowledge, support for “fourth sector” businesses combining profit, social benefits; sector seen as growing at twice rate of profit-only entities

CONFERENCE NOTES:  PART ONE / PART TWO / PART THREE / BACKGROUND WASHINGTON, D.C. — Some 200 scholars, public officials, researchers, funders and practitioners — supported by the Federal Reserve ...

  • By: wpdensmore
  • January 16, 2015
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BOSTON GLOBE: Is ‘shareholder value’ bad for business?

What is the purpose and structure of the modern corporation, and what are the consequences when management takes a short-term approach to meeting corporate goals? . In a recent article, ...

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