BOOKS/VIDEO: “How on Earth?” Post Growth Institute co-founder Donnie Maclurcan believes we can flourish by 2050 in a nonprofit world measured by new forms of growth

Watch a short VIDEO of Donnie Maclurcan, or a longer (52-minute)  version of his arguments: “What If? Thriving Beyond Economic Growth.” 

Will not-for-profit organizations be the heart of the global economic by 2050? Is it possible to innovate and advance, without economic growth? Donnie Maclurcan thinks so. And he’s written a book about it with a group of collaborators.

HowOnEarth_FinalCover_Render-croppedThe Post Growth Institute was to release in June 2015 the book: How on Earth? Flourishing in a Not-For-Profit World by

2050, by Donnie Maclurcan and Jen HintonThe book is concerned with not-for-profit enterprises that are said to be the future of business from a grassroots to international level. The Post Growth Institute outlined its aspirations regarding this book here.  (REVIEW) / You can pre-order the book  from Chelsea Green Press.

Donnie Maclurcan is Co-Founder of thePost Growth Institute and Ideas Guy at Project Australia – a community organisation helping people launch not-for-profit initiatives. His career has included working as an exercise physiologist and telephone counselor, coordinator of a lobby group for Aboriginal justice and a team assisting Sydney’s homeless, a journalist at the World Social Forum in Kenya, coach of the Fijian sailing team, an English and mathematics teacher in South Korea, event manager for The Great Australian Bike Ride, nanny and wedding singer.

He ran Project Australia – an organization that helps people start not-for-profit projects, whilst writing books about nanotechnology and global equity/sustainability (the area of his PhD). He enjoys asking big questions, and is passionate about appropriate technology, inner creativity, radical thinking and asset-based community development. After reading E.F. Schumacher’s Small is Beautiful in 2003, he developed a strong interest in post-growth futures that, ironically, has been growing ever since.

Donnie Maclurcan now lives in Ashland, Oregon, and is a distinguished fellow with the Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems. He is the author of  Nanotechnology and Global Equality. or call 720-438-8901

Donnie Maclurcan / Twitter: @donmacca
Co-founder: ,. Passionate about not-for-profit enterprise & truly sustainable futures


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