Williams College Pursues Living Building Challenge

Kellogg HouseWilliams College officials are looking to make history in their pursuit of the LEED Living Building Challenge. The Living Building Challenge is a certification ascribed to buildings by the U.S. Green Building Council, and requires that the building is 100% energy independent. Only four buildings in the United States to date  have been granted a Living Building Certification. (Learn more about LEED.)

The Kellogg House was built in 1794 as a home for the Williams College president. If it achieves the Living Building Challenge it will be the first historic building in the United States to do so. Projects of this nature force designers and stakeholders to consider the real life impact of the design, construction, and operation of a building. More importantly, they show the community the future of construction and how things should be done rather then how they’ve always been done. The Kellogg House was set to open in March, 2015.

To Learn More About the Kellogg Building and Living Building Challenge Click Here.

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