Rules Change collaborator’s research helping corporations to see “materiality” of environmental, social metrics

Marcy Murninghan

How to get the world’s corporations to broaden the idea of what is “material” to their business success and responsibility is the the subject of a new paper by Rules Change collaborator Marcy Murninghan. “Redefining Materiality II: Why it Matters, Who’s Involved and What it Means for Corporate Leaders and Boards,” was released Aug. 8 by the international non-profit, AccountAbility.

Murninghan is co-founder/editor of The Murninghan Post.

“The boundaries between corporations, the environment, and society continue to blur,” said Ted Grant, global-research head at AccountAbility. “This blurring has made identifying and focusing on what is truly important to long-term company performance, impact, and sustainability even more critical as a governance and management discipline.”


On September 5, 2013, at 11:00am EDT, AccountAbility will host a webinar with report author Murninghan,  Grant, and private-sector representatives. The discussion will focus on current developments in sustainability and materiality and their implications for private-sector institutions.

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