REPORT: “Rules Change and the American Dream: A call for solutions reporting about capitalism and the common good”

In a 32-page report, Rules Change Project principal convener Bill Densmore says it’s time to deliberatively examine the rules by which Americans practice capitalism for the common good. He calls for a journalistic effort to report, teach and convene to foster a national “time out” to rethink the playing field for corporations, people and democracy. It’s work would will aim to seed a conversation about shared priorities, values, purpose and democratic ideals — including action ideas to support capitalism for the common good. The project should:

• Seek a systematic intellectual framework for getting America back on track — regulatory, business and ethical — so everyone has a better chance of thriving.

• Find the concepts and strategies that will guide a successful, systematic resetting of rules of the game for the long run.

• Spotlight stakeholder capitalism that is rooted in communities, inclusive of and fairer to the many constituencies comprising America, not just economic elites.

• Adjust the political system so it is more functional and fairer and not dominated by money or politicians trying chiefly to stay in office.


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