WHY change the rules? To seek solutions

Why Change the Rules?



Many researchers find that Americans feel the way corporation’s operate is failing us.  Everyone has heard — and many believe — the refrain that America is unequal. We have heard the familiar slogan, “We are the 99%.”  The reality of income inequality in America is staggering.  CEOs earn 331 times as much as the average worker and 774 times as much as those earning minimum wage.[1]  In a 2007 report distributed to across the US, on average people imagined that the average CEO made $500,000, when in reality the number was $14 million.

This is occurring, in large part, because of the shifting corporate mindset.  Large companies used to focus on stakeholders, taking into account the interest of the employees, shareholders, community, the environment and even the country.  The companies had an eye towards sustainability and long-term profits.  This has shifted to the ubiquitous notion of shareholder value maximization, where solely short-term profits for shareholders matter.  Wealth for the few propagates even more extreme wealth for the even fewer.

As a result, the middle class is being squeezed, as quality jobs disappear only to be replaced by contingent and retail jobs that simply do not provide enough for the employee.

America is not working for all of us.  The Rules Change Project aims to spotlight efforts to increase oversight of large public corporations and financial institutions, and watchdog big-money domination of Washington politics.  It serves as an open forum and coalition for those who agree that the rules need to be changed. Our goal is to foster solutions, not point fingers.

[1] Dill, Kathryn. “Report: CEOs Earn 331 Times As Much As Average Workers, 774 Times As Much As Minimum Wage Earners.” Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 15 Apr. 2015. Web. 07 July 2015.

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